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two3D v0.6 released
Hey folks, it took a while, but now v0.6 of two3D is available. The list of new features is pretty short this time but it took a while to get it right. New feat...
1 file — 0.6.0
two3D v0.5 released
Hi guys, a new version of two3D is here, w00p w00p. Please find a list of videos below, showing the changes introduced in 0.5: export object file when choosing...
two3D v0.4 released
Hi guys, here a list of the new features that have been added with the recently released v0.4 version: Main menu When you start two3D you will now see the main...
two3D v0.3 released
two3D 0.3 is out! New features: Camera settings for export Use predefined camera settings like iso, front and top-down or create your own using the advanced set...
two3D v0.2 released
New version 0.2 has been released yesterday - read about the details here: Or just download/purchase the new...
two3D 0.1 available
Hi guys, The very first version of two3D is now available for you to purchase with an early early bird price of USD $9.95. It has only basic functionality for n...
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