two3D v0.3 released

two3D 0.3 is out!

New features:

Camera settings for export

Use predefined camera settings like iso, front and top-down or create your own using the advanced settings. The "export" button will render and export all camera positions defined for the selected export configuration. Now it's easy to create 3Dish looking sprites for your isometric or top-down game!

Weather effects

Once you turn on gravity you can now add snow, rain or overgrowth (like grass) to the scene. In the future you might be able to use this to render your sprites for different seasons automatically.


Spawning layers quickly in sequenze should not cause them to collide mid-air anymore.


PS: This will be the last version available for $9.95 - the next version will increase the price to $14.95. Get in early (you will get all future updates for free) to support development. 
Also if you have something to advertise make sure to get one of the available sponsor slots before they sell out - this tool will become available to a wider audience (like on steam) once it is stable enough.

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