two3D v0.5 released

Hi guys,

a new version of two3D is here, w00p w00p. Please find a list of videos below, showing the changes introduced in 0.5:

export object file

when choosing the "object" option in export mode, two3D will create a .obj file for you. Use that file for further modification in other 3D tools or to import it into your Unity/gamedev project (it has no materials for now though. will be pretty colorless. might come with materials in a later version.)

export all variations at once

you can now export all variations (like from all angles and as .obj file) with one click as shown in the video:

edit materials in editor

important improvement - now you can modify the materials directly in the editor and see the results on your object immediately. but be careful with adding the explosive effect to a material your object uses a lot.

color picker in material editor

integrated a color picker to make it easier to assign the two material colors.

effects as dropdown and new smoke effect

you can now assign effects in the material editor via dropdown. added a new smoke effect as well. if you have other cool ideas for effects, let me know on twitter.

big performance improvement

no video for this but it should feel a bit more responsive now to work with two3D as I added a more lightweight shader and only apply a limited number of colors to the materials.

minor bugfixes and adjustments

few minor things changed, not really worth mentioning here. but they are there. I promise!

As always, thanks for your support!


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